Menzione 2023 concorso Nord America

805 Washington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY
Habitat To Art
Florim Solution, Inc.
Impresa di costruzioni:
GGL Enterprises Inc.
Superfici ceramiche:


Alexander Severin

805 Washington Avenue is a nine-story luxury condominium building in the heart of Brooklyn’s cultural enclave. Tasked with creating a new architectural landmark, Habitat to Art utilized Italian porcelain tile to design a striking exterior that also improves the building’s energy performance. Knowing that envelopes can reduce a building’s energy consumption by up to 40%, the firm created a ventilated facade using large porcelain slabs from Florim’s Flowtech and Ardoise de Rex collections. The tiles are mechanically fixed to a metal structure, offering protection from water and exterior weather conditions while providing a modern and elegant solution to improve the thermal performance of the building.