Vincitore 2022 concorso Nord America

Sustainable Townhouse in Seattle

Korina Athanasiadou and Francene Roberts
Impresa di costruzioni:
Superfici ceramiche:
FAP Ceramiche, Vallelunga, Florim, Laminam, Saime


Interior design students Korina Athanasiadou and Francene Roberts designed the Sustainable Townhouse in Seattle as a sustainable, open space, allowing light to infiltrate all areas of the home – a contrast to the city’s typically cloudy atmosphere. The design is largely guided by organic shapes, natural colors, textures and curved elements with Italian tile woven throughout the project for its exceptionally long-lasting qualities and uncanny appearance to a range of natural materials. On the main floor of the house, the gallery’s white walls create a striking contrast to the warmer aesthetic of FAP Ceramiche’s porcelain tile flooring mimicking oak wood. Meanwhile, tiles from Vallelunga’s Luce collection and Florim’s Match-Up collection were used on the countertop, island, and cabinets of the kitchen, transforming it into a work of art and highlighting the vast potential of ceramic tile. Upstairs, large-format porcelain slabs from Laminam and Saime were used to create a dramatic accent to the space’s otherwise minimalist style.