Vincitore 2021 concorso Nord America

The Cove at The Piazza

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Post Brothers
Nemo Tile, Mirage
Impresa di costruzioni:
Mega Supply Pro
Superfici ceramiche:


Sam Oberter and Halkin Mason Photography

An apartment complex in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood, The Piazza features
an impressive outdoor pool area called The Cove, with unique architectural features
constructed by the design team at Post Brothers – a local residential development company.
Towering angular structures clad with gauged porcelain tile panels in a concrete-effect style from
Mirage define the perimeter of the pool deck, which is covered with matching tiles from the
same collection. This decision to coordinate the pavers with the tile-clad structures surrounding
the pool created seamless continuity throughout the entire space, allowing the designers to
achieve the desired monolithic look. Mirage tiles offer both safety and durability in this
demanding outdoor environment.