Mention 2023 North America competition

Southgate Centre Sears Redevelopment

Edmonton, AL
505Design Inc.
Ceramic Technics
Building Company:
Imperial Marble, Tile LTD.
Ceramiche Refin


Nicola Fort, 505Design Inc.

Regarded as the premier fashion hub of South Edmonton, Southgate Centre brings an unmatched level of sophistication to the area’s upscale retail experience. To update the space, 505Design Inc. led the redevelopment of a former Sears department store, revitalizing this former big-box area into a vibrant, modern gathering hub for retailers and customers alike. Featuring three levels of retail space, the new North Wing is anchored by an open-concept 70’ atrium with a stadium-style seating terrace. Here, the firm selected honey-toned, wood-look tiles by Ceramiche Refin, complemented by natural lighting and vibrant greenery, to create a warm, inviting space for guests to recharge, work, and socialize.