Winner 2019 North America competition

Valley Vista

Encino, CA
DI Group, INC.
DI Group, INC.
Building Company:
Supergres, Refin


Encino is a neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley, a north west area of Los Angeles County. The majority of the residents in this area is a wealthy and highly educated population and its architectural environment is constitute by large and luxurious homes with mostly Spanish-contemporary design. Encino is increasing its elegant status. The new constructions contribute to make Encino a parallel neighborhood of the well known prestigious neighborhoods like Bel Air and Beverly Hills. This phenomenon is to supply the exigency to accommodate the major affluence of wealthy population that Southern California has been experimenting in the last few years. The “Valley Vista” project which we are presenting installs itself in this vision. With it’s elegant and contemporary design, made by large open spaces, numerous windows and tiles overall, this new construction faces the challenge of not finding the final owner as of yet. The design has to merge fairly high standards in terms of quality and timeless beauty, but also to be prepared to have the daily practicality for a family or adapt to different individuals. When designing, the different types of lifestyles were considered in order to welcome any culture that could be crated and suited for this home